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          Qingdao Kehai Biochemistry Co., LTD has its own Technology Research and Development Center, which mainly devotes itself to the research and development of new technology concerning chemical engineering. Its business range widely includes: new product R & D, technology transfer, technology improvement, technology consultation, designed R & D of basic facility restructure and resource utilization. We always believe “Technology lays the foundation of production, whereas creativity is the driving force of development”. Through our unceasing effort on innovation, all the production technologies we hold reach the leading level in domestic.

          There is a special lab focusing on biochemical technology research in Kehai. All the staffs in the lab have the university degree or up. With the professional knowledge and high practical capability, they contribute a great deal to the development of new products and updating of new technology. Actually, they have won the second prize of the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award on one item; Series of new chemical products is developed by them, such as itaconic anhydride, dimethyl itaconate, scale-corrosion inhibitor, calcium gluconate, delta- glucolactone, succinic acid etc.  many years of practical experience,we have formed a perfect comprehensive utilizable technology

          We exploit a board R & D market, by strengthening the cooperation with Chinese well-known universities like Chinese Academy of Sciences, Qingdao University of Science & Technology, Southern Yangtze University, East China University Of Science, Shandong University, Harbin Institute of Technology.

          Qingdao Kehai Technology Research and Development Center, as a hi- tech products supplier in chemical engineering in China, has its own characteristic. That is, the technology is tested by the daily production and this mature technology ensures less investment risk.

        Please feel free to contact us for any future information you may need.
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