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        Quality Control
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          Qingdao Kehai Biochemistry Co., Ltd possesses its own professional-quality engineer team and has established excellent quality assurance system and work procedures. The company attaches much importance and uses statistical quality management method to improve product and service quality and utilizes strict quality control. The company has gained the ISO9001 quality certification and ISO14001 environmental certification. For the all-round quality control, the company successively imported several advanced test instruments including VARIAN from USA, SARTORIUS from Germany and    METTLER-TOLEDO from Switzerland and achieved the goal to connect with world both in hardware and soft ware to meet customers’ demands in all ways.

          The company has been adhering to the quality management philosophy of strict management, leading technology, first quality and customer first. We continues the technological innovation, adopts the advanced fermentation technology, designed and built the first organic acid refining production line according to the GMP standard and achieved the comprehensive industrial automatic control. The refined processing technology has fully met the level of Japan, USA and other developed countries and the specifications of it itaconic acid has completely attained and even exceeded international standard. The quality of sodium gluconate, delta-gluconolactone and calcium gluconate has also reached the industry-leading level. The eco-fertilizers have been fully recognized by the users. With the strict quality management, Qingdao Kehai Biochemistry Co., Ltd will always create fine biochemical products.

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